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12/3/12 by skullzNHERO

In the process of creating pretty awesome projects....

I'm eager to find out if anyone is workin' on games, cartoons, comics...

anyone that needs help, that is :D



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Currently I'm working on the Just a Monday Collab. There is room for more people if you wanna join :).

12/3/12 skullzNHERO responds:

I just went through the entire thing, DEFINITELY something I want to be part of!

Look at my list
1)Madness XMAS
2)Madness Clay combat(after contacting spudzy and making some clay models of my own)
3)Assassin platformer(an epic game I plan)
4)Race Vortex 2(well,I made a Lamborghini for the 60 frame collab 5.So I though why not use the lamborghini elsewhere also)
5)Trapped(platformer where you=experiment,escape the lab)
6)A madness movie featuring me
7)City Escape game(town is infested with monsters,take your armored car and run)