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Dark Souls Dos

2014-03-11 04:14:25 by skullzNHERO

Who has it, and how the hell is it!?


Gosh damn, anyone ever been hit by a car? JEEZ it hurts :(

here's some art while I recover....

Home after being hit by a truck :(

2013-05-06 03:59:54 by skullzNHERO

A game I'd love to make...

Just don't know how...

ah well...

Shoot me a PM for details!

Commissions open my friends!

Low on HP?

2013-04-29 02:32:14 by skullzNHERO

Her ya gow

Low on HP?


2013-04-21 23:33:58 by skullzNHERO

I'm a terrible person :(



2013-04-02 03:55:58 by skullzNHERO

NATA is upon us and this year I'm finally going to try and participate! Things are looking sweet!

Almost finished with Through Jimmy's Eyes Episode TRESS! WOOT!

ALSO, if you're a fan of my art, and also posses a tumblr, I'm going to actually start using my page and start posting simple doodles every so often as well as small animation gifs that I work on, no biggie, but I would really appreciate followers :D I am by no means leaving newgrounds (I love NG too much :P), it's just another place to find me! P.S. There is nothing in my tumblr at the moment, but I will do a sketch dump in the next few days!

Good luck to NATA participants!


Well... What Luck...

2013-02-04 04:18:16 by skullzNHERO

So I finished and uploaded my new Jimmy episode... RIGHT when the submission portal experienced a hiccup... resulting in the second episode going unnoticed... Rather bums me out...


ah well, on to new and better things I suppose.

Here's something else I'm working on! Going to need voice actors tho... bd305d2aee2faa188718

More creepy Jimmy stuff still coming :D

btw if you havent seen the new episode, check it out!

Well... What Luck...

Farewell TacoBell

2013-01-25 22:50:23 by skullzNHERO

Made this little "farewell video" to say goodbye to my good friends at taco bell. ON TO NEW AND BETTER THINGS!

In other news: a new episode of Through Jimmy's eyes is almost done! :D OOOOH and how creepy it is! 5202669d7f416de71dfa


2012-12-30 20:00:24 by skullzNHERO

Trying to create a game, and things are looking pretty good!