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Home after being hit by a truck :(

2013-09-08 00:39:19 by skullzNHERO

Gosh damn, anyone ever been hit by a car? JEEZ it hurts :(

here's some art while I recover....

Home after being hit by a truck :(


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2013-09-08 01:14:06

Damn man. You're not badly injured are ye?

(Updated ) skullzNHERO responds:

Ahhh my leg's messed up, but other than that...nothin' but seems as though I was lucky, gotta be more careful ridin' my bike :D


2013-09-08 03:24:12

oh man D: hope get better soon

skullzNHERO responds:

Many thanks, friend :D


2013-09-08 23:15:47

Jeez. I hope you feel better soon. Cute piece of art as well.

skullzNHERO responds:

Ah thank you thank you :)


2013-10-14 23:50:53

Wait, you were hit by a TRUCK?! Good lord, I'm sorry to hear that! However your will to draw after such event says something about your spirit. ^.^ Get well soon!!

skullzNHERO responds:

ah ah, thank you, thank you! Too kind!


2013-12-23 14:18:50

40th fan right ere :D gratz :D
hope youre doing alright mate.
heres to a speedy recovery eh?

skullzNHERO responds:

Welcome to the club, friend! And yea, it has been a while since I posted this up, but I'm as fit as a fiddle!! :D


2013-12-29 16:17:07

... A TRUCK?!?!

skullzNHERO responds:

Yessir, upon riding my bike to work, a douche gave me shove on a red light :P